(pronounced Ray-din) was created out of a personal desire to tap into lesser known designers while providing a platform for more exposure.  A fan of the saying "less is more", I personally find myself being overwhelmed with too many choices.  RADIN is tailored for the customer that doesn't have the time to sift through all the "wrongs" to find the "right". This site is a way for me to showcase jewelry statement pieces that command attention as well as create a communication tool for self -expression. These artists have given me the privilege of becoming a part of their artistic journey, therefore, they have inspired me to embark on this exciting endeavor.

I hope RADIN offers some inspiration to those who have happen upon it as well as showcasing the talent of the independent designers who are featured.  We are surrounded by so much creativity. Why not share it? If you come across something you like on RADIN and want to post it in your own blog, don't forget to give us credit.

Editorial Photography - Shelby Gates

Still Life Photography - Kent Pell

Model - Shannon Sinclair

Producer / Creative Direction - Sarah Radin