Both sterling silver and gold tarnish (with gold tarnishing at a much slower rate) under normal circumstances. The two main culprits for tarnish are moisture and air. In fact, a silver chain can go black right away with one swim in a salty ocean or worn next to salty, sweaty skin. The best way to keep your jewelry sparkling is by practicing preventative measures. 

Keep your pieces away from unnecessary moisture like leaving your jewelry on when showering or swimming. Store your jewelry in a dry place not a bathroom or kitchen shelf. A Ziplock bag may not be the prettiest way to keep your jewelry shiny, but it certainly will do the trick!  Not everyone can wear silver without getting that unsightly black ring on his/her skin. If you notice this happening to you, be mindful of lotions (or any body products) that would cause additional moisture or oil on your skin that comes into contact with your jewelry.

Q: How do I keep my oxidized sterling silver dark ? 

A: With wear, the black finish of your jewelry will fade, and more of the silver will show through to create a unique patina all its own. If you would like to freshen up the darkness, use a Q,-tip with a bit of white distilled vinegar (not red or balsamic) and rub on the silver; then, rinse with cool water. 

Q: My silver and gold jewelry is tarnishing!  What should I do ? 

A: Real 14K gold and real sterling silver do tarnish. The main culprits for creating tarnish are air and water... kinda hard to avoid, right? Well, there are some things you can do to care for your jewelry. Hot, humid days are unavoidable, but swimming in a salty ocean with your jewelry is. Try to avoid exposing your jewelry to conditions that will speed along the tarnishing process. If you're not wearing it, store it in an airtight container. And if you do see tarnish, don't wait until it's completely black to clean it. It will make it much harder for you to clean. Most hardware stores have silver cleaner. A liquid cleaner is good for chains and a polishing cloth is great for larger surfaces. 

Q: What does a Patina mean?

A: Patina is a term used to anything that happens over a course of time. Patina is built from all the effects, natural or man-made, that create true character. When applying a Patina finish, certain chemicals are applied to the metal to aid in producing that unique warm look.

Q: Do you have a store ?

A: Presently, I do not have a store but my hope is to eventually have one; this site is a big step towards that dream!

Q: Can you make my ring a quarter or half size ? 

A: Yes, the designers can make just about any size for almost any ring or bracelet we offer.  All you have to do is write your size request in the comment box at checkout time.